Ken Stavas

Ken was born in the small town of Topeka Kansas. For any of you that are as old as Ken, you might remember the rock band KANSAS who are from that small town.

At an early age, Kens parents moved their family to the small farming town of Columbus Nebraska. Ken was young, full of energy and enjoyed riding his Schwinn banana seat stingray bike all over town.

Ken does admit, he wasn’t the most studious but still managed to graduate from college.

After college he packed up his few belongings and travelled to Connecticut. He experienced a unique way of life in the hustle and bustle of this new state. The scenic beauty of the fall season he especially loved.

The peach state of Georgia was on his mind, and this was where he found passion and fulfillment with the company he started in 1996 called Home Instead. For 26 years, Ken and his team have been privileged to assist in the care of many wonderful people from all walks of life.

Home Instead has and continues to keep him blessed and grateful due to the incredible staff and families that have come into his life on this journey.

Ken still considers himself a Midwesterner by heart. He has always felt welcomed and very much at home in the beautiful state of Georgia despite the humidity and pollen.

Ken would like to thank everyone for attending and planning “A Night to Remember” and is happy to be a part of this fun occasion.